Sell Your Books

This year we are offering two methods to sell your books:

METHOD 1:  We will host a 2 hour "in Person" book sale where the seller  will have a table set up and sell directly to interested buyers.  The cost of the table is $5 (which includes the entrance fee to the show) and the seller keeps 100% of their profits.






METHOD 2:  For those who would like to sell their books on commission for the entire duration of the two day event, they can register on this website with their information, receive a consigner number for their barcodes, place barcodes (we will print them for you) on the back of the books, then place them in the correct section we will have categorized before the sale.  We will collect payment (cash or credit card) and send the seller 80% of the sale price.  There are no other fees collected.  At the end of the sale the seller will need to collect any unsold books they want returned.  Otherwise they will be donated.

Book Sale Table - $5

8ft Table, dressed and 1 chair

Call Us: 334-399-1933  / /  804 Columbus Parkway, Opelika, AL 36801